I love colors! I am creative and creativity in the world is your world, or the soul of the landscape aesthetics. It is an endless pulsating world that is bursting with my products in pictures and color. The world is natural. Nature and the forest inspired, it is full of beautiful colors. The plant, trees and animal themes, northern mysticism, wildlife, folklore and Scandinavian clear and oriental rich pattern are the aesthetics of my soul's landscape. I love my job a creative entrepreneur, I get to do what I've always done and that I love. As an entrepreneur, I am not the most systematic or effective. I feel more like an artist who gets enthusiastic and agitated by new ideas. The joy of doing it and the Minnamäe handprint will hopefully also appear in my products. The darkness of winter, the gray of the spring, or the rain of the summer does not seem gloomy and grim when dressed in colors. I would like people to dress more colorfully.

My collection is happy, special, colorful and warm for lovely women who don't have to be long and lean. clothes made of wool, linen and cotton. The product range includes jackets, tunics, dresses, vests, hats, bags and scarves. I want to make clothes for everyday life and celebrations that make people feel good with colors and patterns. Not a trend collection but an alternative to big clothing brands, hand-made and close-produced. Fabrics used carefully and wasted materials I have developed many kinds of products. Smash the ideas and the joy of doing, especially in the fall, I am creating colorful creations, painting natural patterns directly into dresses, sometimes summer memories, flowering gardens, sometimes mystical forest trees and its animals. Nature is at its best in the autumn when it glows in different shades of orange, red and yellow.

It is important to me that my product is made in Finland. Ateljee is located in Kurkimäki, Kuopio. All products are made there from start to finish. My addition there are clown Komulainen, he has been my work since September 2010. I am proud that I have been able to employ at least one full-time employee.

The store is located in Kuopio Market Hall. There, in addition to my own products, there are some great craftsmen with great products. I am not always in the store, sometimes there is a cheerful Minna Merivalo serving you.

I have a Bachelor's designer. I graduated from the Kuopio Design Academy in 2002 as a specialist in the field of felting and knitting techniques. Before that, I studied visual arts, arts and crafts, pottery and weaving, adventure sports and education and I also silkkipainaja. The first hats I made about 18 years ago first for the daughter, then for the neighbors' children, then for herself and for the neighbor's mothers. The company was founded in autumn 2004 and became Minna Suuronen Oy in the summer of 2013.

Awards & Grants:

- Artist 2010 in the Kuopio region and Upper Savo region, awarded with exemplary craft entrepreneurship.
- The Finnish Cultural Foundation's Northern Savo Fund for the year's work grant for the design of the clothing collection 2010.
- North Savo Arts Council work grant for launching and displaying a new clothing collection at Sotkulla 2011.
- Exclusive Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. Recognition of successful entrepreneurship by single entrepreneurs.
Scholarship of the Kuopio Design Academy Foundation in December 2017.