I love colors! I am creative and creativity in the world is your world, or the soul of the landscape aesthetics. It is an endless pulsating world that is bursting with my products in pictures and color. The world is natural. Nature and the forest inspired, it's full of beautiful colors. The plant, trees and animal themes, northern mysticism, wildlife, folklore and Scandinavian clear and oriental rich pattern are the aesthetics of my soul's landscape. I love my job a creative entrepreneur, I get to do what I've always done and that I love. As an entrepreneur, I am not the most systematic or effective. I feel more like an artist who gets enthusiastic and agitated by new ideas. The joy of doing it and the Minnamäe handprint will hopefully also appear in my products. The darkness of winter, the gray of the spring, or the rain of the summer does not seem gloomy and grim when dressed in colors. I would like people to dress more colorfully.