It is important to me that my product is made in Finland. Ateljee is located in Kurkimäki, Kuopio. All products are made there from start to finish. My addition there are clown Komulainen, he has been my work since September 2010. I am proud that I have been able to employ at least one full-time employee.

The store is located in Kuopio Market Hall. There, in addition to my own products, there are some great craftsmen with great products. I am not always in the store, sometimes there is a cheerful Minna Merivalo serving you.

In the world of the Meadow statue at the end of the Market Hall, the colorful atmosphere of the fairies and elves of the forest exudes.

Minna Suuronen Design
Kuopio Market Hall
Kauppakatu 45
70110 Kuopio